PCB Prototype Services
Printed Circuit Board Prototype

PCB prototyping used to the nightmares of many electronics professionals. MACHLAB now terminates the nightmares! We can get your first-try boards in 24 hours!

After placing your order, our engineer will audit your Gerber files to make sure it complies with our technical spec. Once the files pass the audit, you can pay the cost online. Also, our engineer will check again and optimize the files to make production. 

The prototyping stage is the most critical period for engineers, students, and hobbyists. For manufacturing PCB, MACHLAB has the experience of manufacturing PCB for more than 7 years(since 2014). Choosing MACHLAB can not only shorten the manufacturing time of the PCB but also reduces the cost and get high-quality boards.

Check PCB manufacturing capabilities in the following table:
  • Layer count:              Single Layer / Double Layer
  • Min. Hole Size:         0.5 mm
  • Base Material:           Aluminum, FR4, Metal Core.
  • Board Thickness:     0.4,1.2,1.6mm, Aluminum PCB: 1.2mm
  • Copper Thickness:   32 microns
  • Solder Mask:             Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Purple, Matte Black, Matte green
  • Silkscreen:                  White, Black
  • Packing Type:            Box, Vacuum, Bubble, etc.
  • Shape:                            Any shape
  • Min Order Quantity:  1 -5
  • Max Order Quantity:  5 and Above
  • Production Capacity:  1000-2000 Per day
  • Build time:                 24 hours Only for Prototype
  • Lead time:                  2-3 days




Use PCB Prototype service when you want:
  •  Boards for Design Review or Preproduction Quality Testing

  Our PCB prototype service is the perfect way to make sure there are no errors in your design before moving into mass production.

  • Rapid PCB Turnaround

  Rapid PCB prototyping means you get your boards fast.

  • Boards with Single and Double Layer

  Because we are trying to get your boards back to you as fast as possible, we offer rapid PCB prototyping for boards with Single Layer and Double Layer

  • FR-4 Boards

  Your printed circuit board prototype will come on standard FR-4 material.

  • Quality Standard IPC1 Board
Use Standard PCB service if you need:
  • Boards for Full Production

  Once you know that your design works, you can contact us for standard PCB service for full production for use in your applications.

  • Slightly Longer Turnaround Time

  Since these are the boards you will actually be using, it takes a little longer to make sure we get everything just right. However, now that you have tested the design, you can go right into your projects once you get your boards.

  • Boards with Single Layer and Double Layer Layers

  We have much more flexibility with materials and layers once we have the time to develop your full boards.

  • • FR-4, Aluminum, Metal Core
  • • Quality Standard IPC2 Boards

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